Welcome to my Twin Flame story

Just surrender to God - and you will be happy?

Some Twin Flame knowledge on the internet describes Twin Flames as always happy connections, connectet by God himself where the meeting is inevitable. Some say Twin Flame connections can have negative Karma dynamics which make you suffer and do not have necessarily to develop always in a happy way to be a twin flame connection.

Most say you have to surrender to God in some way to develop yourself and the relationship becomes better even into perfect reunion. I personaly testimony I believe in Jesus Christ being God. But I also believe in reincarnation. To learn more about my personal story visit the forum or in the menu above click on "My Story". It would be nice to hear from you if you are also in love with a monk/priest like me. 


Twin Flame connections totaly put you off the ground. Often you have to abandon everything you believed before. You become aware during the development that letting go seems impossible. Either there are signs from high spiritual levels that show you you belong together or you just love so much you can't let go. I often tried but it was impossible for me.


Sometimes enlightment of some sort follows. You start to remember past lifes(reincarnation) you spent together. Or you get a sign from God this person had to meet you and you should develop a relationship with her.


Telling your story can be healing

I did not find any forum where you can tell your story, get support without commercial selling. So you are always welcome to share your pain with us! Just write down what your pain is about. If you also love a priest/monk you are welcome to contact me and share with me your story.

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